Say No To Racism!

Say No To Racism!

Meet Daniel Alves da Silva, A 31 year old football player on FC Barcelona. April 28, 2014, During a football match, a fan threw a banana at Dani. It was a racism joke, as in he is a monkey. So he did the unexpected he picked up the banana, took a bite, dropped it, and played on. This act of awe, gained attention from the some of the best footballers in Europe! Some of the best, well paid footballers in the world, took pictures eating bananas and captioned them : “Say no to racism”. This soon gained attention all over the world, and became a global praise for Dani. Now I know what your thinking, what was the punishment?
The opposing club, Villarreal, got fined 12,000 Euros, the club accepted the fine paid it and apologized.


8 thoughts on “Say No To Racism!”

  1. Wait why do they say hes a monkey? Is it because of the way he plays, looks, or his race?? But i remember actually seeing this photo but i had no idea of why there was a banana thrown.

  2. I found that part of the match hilarious, because we didnt expect that sort of reaction. It was a small action with a great message.

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