Exam Greetings!

As some of you may know I have been a little bit occupied with exams lately. But i still had to post for my loyal viewers. I was studying WW1, and the history of he war. I found this interesting video about how the Germans and English stopped fighting on Christmas day and had a football match on No mans land. I thought this was good enough for a post! Stop war for football … Football sure has its values!


Samsung Galaxy S5 …. Or Galaxy11?

Samsung, and their sneaky ways at it once more! Samsung have gathered a team of some of the best footballers around the world. But wait, what for? A charity match? A worldwide event? Nope, a commercial. A fiction saga, that involves aliens taking over the world , and footballers saving them. I have to warn you to watch it quick, because part II already came out, if you enjoyed it comment below and part II could be on the way!

1-0 KARMA!

Their s not much to write … Did this man deserve the revenge that he got? Some people would disagree, because of what happened to him in the second match. Anyways I will let you decide? What do you think? Does this man deserve his fortune?

The not so pretty side !?

Dont imagine football players to just be luxurious well paid people that don’t do much, because some of them have a bad side … I wont say anymore and let you decide. What do you think?
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