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As some of you may know I have been a little bit occupied with exams lately. But i still had to post for my loyal viewers. I was studying WW1, and the history of he war. I found this interesting video about how the Germans and English stopped fighting on Christmas day and had a football match on No mans land. I thought this was good enough for a post! Stop war for football … Football sure has its values!


Samsung Galaxy S5 …. Or Galaxy11?

Samsung, and their sneaky ways at it once more! Samsung have gathered a team of some of the best footballers around the world. But wait, what for? A charity match? A worldwide event? Nope, a commercial. A fiction saga, that involves aliens taking over the world , and footballers saving them. I have to warn you to watch it quick, because part II already came out, if you enjoyed it comment below and part II could be on the way!

1-0 KARMA!

Their s not much to write … Did this man deserve the revenge that he got? Some people would disagree, because of what happened to him in the second match. Anyways I will let you decide? What do you think? Does this man deserve his fortune?



The 2014 UEFA Champions league final, May-24-2014. After 12 years European giants Real Madrid finally got their La Decima …. or tenth champions league trophy! Its been 12 years and the Whites have been stuck on 9 European competition trophies which is the biggest cup in football, in Europe. The next biggest thing after the World Cup! Real Madrid spent almost 1 billion U.S dollars on bringing in new players, coaches, and facilities. Now lets interact …. If you are a football lover while growing up, but sadly you weren’t good enough to play on a professional team. Luckily you become a billionaire. Your still in love with football which is your passion, is it right to spend that much money on your club, or your “love” (team)?? I want to hear what you guys have to say …. so like always comment below!

The not so pretty side !?

Dont imagine football players to just be luxurious well paid people that don’t do much, because some of them have a bad side … I wont say anymore and let you decide. What do you think?
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Say No To Racism!

Say No To Racism!

Meet Daniel Alves da Silva, A 31 year old football player on FC Barcelona. April 28, 2014, During a football match, a fan threw a banana at Dani. It was a racism joke, as in he is a monkey. So he did the unexpected he picked up the banana, took a bite, dropped it, and played on. This act of awe, gained attention from the some of the best footballers in Europe! Some of the best, well paid footballers in the world, took pictures eating bananas and captioned them : “Say no to racism”. This soon gained attention all over the world, and became a global praise for Dani. Now I know what your thinking, what was the punishment?
The opposing club, Villarreal, got fined 12,000 Euros, the club accepted the fine paid it and apologized.


Football is known as the beautiful game, but it does have it’s down sides… Injuries. The most popular and most painful being a torn ACL, it can take up to 8 months to fully recover from this injury and sadly enough it has gotten some of the best …


Keep reading !

Keep reading !

Arguably one of the most expensive soccer players of all time Lionel Messi might be on his way to English football club Manchester City the English giants who were just bought by a sheikh in Abu Dhabi who sits on 10% of the worlds oil is prepared to buy him for 150 million pounds. Is a footballer really worth that much?? Here’s just a few things you can do with that money.
-Buy Mariah Cary’s mansion
-Buy a man made island
-Even find several nations armies

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Brazilian Soccer Fan Killed By Toilet Bowl Thrown From Stadium

R.I.P … True danger of sports.

Black America Web

A man was killed by a toilet bowl thrown from the stands at a soccer game in Brazil.

The New York Daily News reports:

Soccer riots in Brazil claimed the life of a man who was killed by a toilet bowl thrown from the stands at Arruda Stadium, the latest scene of fan violence that has plagued the country in the lead-up to next month’s World Cup.

Globoesporte of Brazil reported that rioters ripped three tiolets from the stadium bathroom and tossed them from the stands during Friday night’s 1-1 draw between Santa Cruz and Parana. One of the toilets struck a fan identified as 26-year-old Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva, killing him instantly.

“The toilet was thrown from the stands and hit him full on,” police captain Wilson Queiroz told Globesporte.

“The victim was with someone at the time but everyone fled the scene after the incident.”
Soccer and…

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